PPC Analyst, eCommerce Lead

Old Bridge, NJ
Rutgers University
  • Traveling
  • Driving
  • Building Brands
Get To Know Brian

I used to drop ship at around 16. I was selling things from resistance bands to teeth whitening kits to car accessories. It was a pretty cool gig back then!

It’s a tie between The Office and How I Met Your Mother. They’re both hilarious to me and I can rewatch them over and over again.

I’m not a huge book guy, but Rich Dad Poor Dad really instilled some lifelong values in me. I think everyone should at least Google “Rich Dad Poor Dad lessons” to have some good values in place to get ahead in life.

Reddit and Morning Brew. Reddit is super versatile and I love going on subreddits for hours on end. I’ve been recently into Dave Ramsey’s ideology and am attempting his “baby steps”. Following F.I.R.E. subreddits has helped me evaluate what I want in life. Aside from that sub, I like to laugh and follow a few funny subreddits. The Morning Brew is my way of watching the news. It has everything from the latest news headlines, to market updates, to celebrity gossip. It’s really an all in one news letter in your email everyday.

First and foremost, my parents inspire me to be successful. They’re both immigrants and have supported me and my siblings through college and for the past 21 years. I’ll be forever grateful for that and for providing us with a life I hope to give to my future kids. My previous business partners also inspire me. Through every obstacle and feat we overcame, I learned many lessons that helped me shift into being more successful in my own life.

Within the US, I’d probably want to live in Southern California. I love the warmer months and in California, it would be warm all year! Outside of the US, I’d probably want to live in France, maybe on the outskirts of Paris. I took a trip to France a few years ago and enjoyed my time there.