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West Orange, NJ
William Paterson University
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Get To Know Claudius

Car Electronics Rep for Bestbuy! At the age of 16 if you needed any kind of car solution, I was your guy!

It’s a tie between Black Mirror & Luther on Netflix. Both are thrilling series that you really can’t go wrong with!

The 4 Agreements. Changed my life!

Creative projects. Normally exercising creativity allows me to tap into that curiosity that we naturally have and learn more about myself & what ability I have to create!

Let’s be real here… is there any answer other than Google? haha

The culture at SmartSites is incredible! I’ve felt welcomed since my first day and have fallen right in with the team! Everyone is an expert and knows how to work hard. Everyone also knows how to balance that out and play just as hard!

It’s crazy I still remember this, but the first lesson I ever learned about a computer was in first grade. My computer teacher would teach us about computers with these simple words, “Input, Process, Output”. We would have to chant that each day and every time we learned a new computing device, we would have to categorize it under one of the three terms.

The power to materialize any thought I choose into reality instantly. I think that would be a very interesting superhero story. I can see the origin story now!

Santorini, Greece… A stunning location that is a must visit for me. To actually get the chance to live there? Sign me up!

J. Cole – “Love Yourz”… I think this song describes my life right now just because it’s a constant reminder to love what you have. Everything that is a part of your life is for you & important to your personal journey. In the great words of Joel Embiid & the 76ers… Trust the Process