Senior PPC Analyst

Hackensack, NJ
Rutgers University
  • Travel
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Reading
  • Figure Skating
  • Winter Weather
Get To Know Kristina

My first job was to teach figure skating when I was 17. I love encouraging children to learn something new while trying to boost their confidence. I’m still doing it over a decade later.

My favorite TV show currently is Killing Eve.

Everyone has their own unique personality that they bring to the team. They are all knowledgeable and willing to help a teammate out. I like that we can joke around but at the end of the day, our work gets done.

Google, because I’m constantly looking up things such as new recipes and info on tv shows/movies.

My dad had just upgraded our internet from dial-up and asked if I saw a difference in internet speed.

I would love to be able to fly so I could travel freely and see the world from a bird’s-eye view.

I am a very detail oriented person who loves to look at data.

My parents came to the USA from Ukraine to give our family a better life. I want to be successful to show them that moving was a good choice and the sacrifices they made back in the day were worth it.

I have a cat named Kaia who likes to make guest appearances in my meetings (but obviously only when I have the camera on).

I would love to write travel books with itineraries for different types of travelers.

I would live in Paris because it’s the perfect blend of history, architecture, and fashion. Also, I could get to other countries in Europe easier.

The first website I created was for a computer class in middle school. It was dedicated to my love (at the time) for the beach.

The most exotic place I’ve been to is Greece. Its climate and history made you feel like you traveled back in time.